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Appendix: Terminology, Acronyms, Terms Used

  • ACL - Association for Community Living.

  • Best Buddies - Program that matches university students with people with an intellectual disability for social activities.

  • CareerCrusing - Software program used to identify/match for First participants their interests and skills with jobs.

  • CCRW - Canadian Council for Rehabilitation and Work.

  • DSP - Disability Support Program, A NB government project sponsored by the department of Social Development which offers people with disabilities in the development of their personal disability support plan with individualized funding.

  • FT - Full Time job.

  • FUN-NB - Name for provincial family network sponsored by NBACL.

  • Inclusion Toolkit - and additional resources on the NBACL website.

  • NBACL - New Brunswick Association for Community Living.

  • NBCCSJ - New Brunswick Community College Saint John.

  • Opportunities Fund - Federal government program for funding employment projects.

  • PATH - Planning Alternatives Tomorrow with Hope goal setting program for participants.

  • PETL - Post Secondary Education and Labour.

  • PT - Part Time job.

  • Retention Program - Employment program for social assistance recipients.

  • SARS - Social Assistance Recipients.

  • SD - Social Development department of the provincial government that deals with SARS.

  • SJ - Saint John.

  • SJACL - Saint John Association for Community Living.

  • Special Olympics - An association that offers recreational and sports opportunities to people with an intellectual disability.

  • Student Loans - Government of Canada Student Loans.

  • TESS - Training and Employment Support Services - Program that supplies support services to participants, i.e, job coaches.

  • Training and Skills Development - Government program that provides financial assistance to people with disabilities to continue with training and education.

  • Work Ability - Provincial government program that supplies short term assistance to business who hire participants.

  • Work Force Expansion - Provincial government program that supplies longer term assistance to business who hire participants.


Funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick through the
Canada-New Brunswick Labour Market Agreements.

Financé par le gouvernement du Canada et la province du Nouveau-Brunswick dans le cadre des
Ententes Canada/Nouveau-Brunswick sur le marché du travail.

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